The Town of Stewiacke and the Association of Psychologists invite you to “sit and chat”
to promote wellness

APNS and the Town of Stewiacke
are reviving the old saying:
“sit and chat a while”.

APNS has donated a bench to the Town to raise awareness of the value of personal interaction as a way to enhance mental and physical health. The unveiling took place during Stewiacke Annual Town Days celebration on Saturday on August 4th.

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Understanding Culture & Impact of Trauma on Paramedics

Friday, November 16th 2018:  9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Dartmouth

The first joint workshop between APNS and EMC  –  Understanding the Culture and the Impact of Trauma on Paramedics – was a great success and as a result we will be doing another workshop on Friday, November 16, 2018.

We do not have a brochure ready yet but if you are interested in participating please contact apns@apns.ca as soon as possible to confirm a spot. Like the previous workshop, we will restrict this to 20 participants. However, this time we will designate 3 of the spaces for Psychology students, with the others for Psychologists. There may be other minor changes, but it will be similar to the one we just did in June. See below description of June workshop.

This workshop is open to registered or candidate registered psychologists who have some experience with treatment for PTSD. This is not meant to be an introductory level course in PTSD.  Only 20 spaces available. Once participants complete this workshop and meet the established criteria, they may be placed on the EMC Registry of Recognized Service Providers. Those on this Registry will be available to the Health and Wellness Consultants within EMC.

Download Brochure Culture & Impact of Trauma on Paramedics for more information. Contact 336-223-0343 to reserve a space.

  1. A review of the culture of paramedicine in NS, facilitated by paramedics. Also, participants will be oriented to an ambulance, equipment and resources used by paramedics.
  2. Assessing and Diagnosing PTSD
  3. Treatment of PTSD
  4. Vicarious Traumatization

The facilitator will incorporate clinical examples to provide a context to help participants better understand the nuances of this illness on the lives of people being treated. Also, participants will be oriented to an ambulance, equipment and resources used by paramedics.

Nova Scotia Organization to Receive Recognition for being an outstanding Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Halifax, Nova Scotia – March 19, 2018

In recognition of its efforts to create a healthy, high-performing work environment, Maplewave is one of four employers from across the US and Canada to be honoured at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2018 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C. on March 22nd, 2018.  Maplewave received Nova Scotia’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in 2017 and was nominated by the Nova Scotia committee for this APA award.

Maplewave CEO, Adam Baggs, says that “We have a saying here that nothing is more sacred than doing the right thing. It’s the yardstick that we measure all of our decisions against. So, when it comes to the health and wellness of our employees, we strive to do everything we can because it is the right thing to do.”

“Their focus on doing the right thing aligns with their strong culture of respect, which fosters engaged workers and a successful business,” says Dr. Arla Day, Director of the CN Centre for Occupational Health & Safety at Saint Mary’s University, and Chair of the NS Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards Program which supports the program through the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia. Day also notes that developing healthy workplaces is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense.

Maplewave’s psychologically healthy workplace practices have reaped rewards for both the organization and its employees. In the past two years, Maplewave’s employees have shown increased engagement, higher levels of initiative, and higher job satisfaction.

“Maplewave’s outcomes are consistent with our research findings that show that healthy organizations tend to report better employee engagement, better financial outcomes, and less employee stress. Developing psychologically healthy workplaces is a great recruiting tool because people truly want to work at these types of organizations.”

Maplewave’s VP of HR, Leigh Anne Dingwall, says that they are excited to be recognized. They are proud of the work they have done and are looking forward to continue their work in developing a strong and healthy workplace.

“Our site reviewers raved about Maplewave’s policies and programs that reflect a strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of all workers” said Dr. Day. “We are thrilled to be able to support outstanding Nova Scotia organizations like Maplewave and help other organizations develop their own healthy workplaces.”

This program is an initiative of the American Psychological Association, and is supported by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, the CN Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, and Saint Mary’s University. There is an extensive selection process for the local awards, involving interviews, site visits, and employee surveys. Top recipients are nominated to be considered alongside other provincial and state winners across Canada and the US.


The Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS)  is a voluntary professional organization established in 1965 to represent psychology in Nova Scotia. APNS is the only provincial association devoted to representing the needs of psychology professionals in the province. APNS promotes psychology as a profession, as a science, and as a means of promoting human welfare.

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